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A Bliss Hospice Care team- the leading provider of hospice care.

Your Hospice Care Team: The  Interdisciplinary Team

IDT or Intersdiscplinary Team is  focused on  managing pain and controlling symptoms, as well as providing emotional and spiritual support to patients and families. 

The team works together with the  primary physician  or the    medical  director in  developing a care plan specific to the patient and family needs.  


The care is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Components of IDT.A Bliss Care provides the medically supervised services to the patient at home:

Physician /Medical Director  -  in conjucntion with the team create a care plan  that manages pain and control symptoms associated with the patient's terminal illness or disease


 Nurses -  Assess the needs and manage the  the pain and symptoms of the patients. The nurse will educate family or caregivers  in how to assist or care their loved ones.


Hospice  Aide - Are certified  hospice aides  tend to personal care  and other  activities of daily living  for the  patients.  A  hospice plan of care is develop by the nurse for the hospice aide to follow  which is specific to the need s of the patient. 


SociaL Workers - Look after the emotional needs, helping patients with feelings of fear  and anxiety or communication issues with family,coordinate available community resources  and other matters that are not medically related., will assist with planning , finances,

insurance benefits  and other difficulties. 


Chaplains-  Provide emotional and spiritual support, guide family  through tough decisions  concerning end of life issues, provide  understanding to relievestrained relationship between loved ones, strenghten faith of patient or family.


Bereavement Coordinator -  Help thorug hthe different phases of the end of life process, prepare for the situations of end of life  and  provide  counselling and support   for  up to 13 months.


Volunteers-Trained volunteers  provide companionship and support , assist with simple caregiving and follows a  care plan specific to the need of the patient or family. 


Other Services include  coordination of :

 ■ Durable medical equipment and;

 ■ Medications related to the terminal illness for comfort and sypmtom management

 ■ Respite/inpatient care to help caregivers

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