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 A Bliss Hospice Care will provide volunteer services to patient or family to augment the care provided by hospice staff and the need for volunteer services is determined by the IDT.

Volunteers are individuals who are considered "unpaid employees" , who contribute time and talent to the hospice program, either in administrative or direct patient care roles. Orientation and in- service  trainings are provided to all volunteers  upon recruitment and prior to assignment to a patient  or a family,


Areas of  Training for Volunteers Include:

■  Hospice philosophy, services and goals including confidentiality

■  Role of the volunteer  including duties and responsibilities and 

    to whom they report and contact  for assistance regarding their

    duties and responsibilities   

■  Confidentiality and protection of patient/family rights

■  Family dynamics, coping mechanisn  and psychological issues 

    surounding terminal illness, death and bereavement

■  Procedures to be followed in an emergency, or following the death

    of the patient

■  Guidance related to individual responsibilities


 Any member of a bereaved family who is interested to volunteer his/her time in direct patient care is encouraged to wait for one year.   

Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for volunteers .

Please let us know if you are interested . 

You may send your application via

 email:  ablisscare@gmail .com  

  Attention: The Volunteer Coordinator

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